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Shulamit Teiblum-Millar

Adrdress:  2 Zafririm St. Givataim, Israel 534845   

Phone: +972-502833373





              30th International ceramic competition of Alcora, Alcora Museum, Spain. Juried exhibition,

           Catalogue.  (Permanent collection)

            group exhibition, Siman Sheela gallery, kibuttz Amir

2020   International Fantastic Mascabal Competition, Hacettepe university, Ankara, Turkey. “honorable award".

            Birds Eye View, Group exhibition, ceramic art centre, Tivo’n, Israel.

            Bharat Bhavan international ceramic exhibition and symposium, Bhopal, India.


2019  "The unexpected vessel". The artists house, Tel Aviv, Israel. Group exhibition, Catalogue.

           4rd Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj-Napuca Museum of Art, Cluj Napuca, Romania.

              Juried exhibition, Catalogue, (Permanent collection).

           "Landscape Banquet" Solo exhibition, BY5 Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Catalog.

2018  Group exhibition, Charlestown, Nevis,  Caribbean Islands.

           The Brewery of Ceramic Art, Kiryat Tiv'on, Israel. Juried exhibition.

2017  3rd Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj-Napuca Museum of Art, Romania. Juried exhibition. Catalog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

           Empty Space, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

2016  International Modern Pot Art Biennale, Art and Craft Museum,Shanghai, China. Juried exhibition. Catalog.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

           Three Internationals - 3 Way, Gallery Yuragi. Kyoto, Japan. Group exhibition

           Ceramic design collection, The Israeli parliament, Jerusalem. Juried exhibition. (Permanent collection)

           Qwest- Ceramic & Photography,  Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel-Aviv 

           The Photography Museum, Tel-Hai, Upper Galil, Israel. Juried exhibition. Catalog.

2015  After The Rain- Yuzhou Ceramic Art Museum, Shenhou international ceramic  art center, Henan, China. Residency and                                                                                                                                                            group exhibition.(Permanent collection)

           2nd Cluj International Ceramic Biennale, Cluj-Napuca Museum of Art, Romania. Juried exhibition. Catalog. 

           Mungyeong Tea bowl festival, S.Korea. exhibition and workshop, Juried exhibition, Catalogue. Silver prize.

2014  Sepica Gallery, Tokoname, Japan. Group exhibition

2013  Imprinting On Clay, The 7th biennale of Israeli ceramics, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Juried exhibition.Catalogue.

2012  A Different view. Beit Aharon Kahana, Ramat- Gan, Israel.  Juried exhibition. Catalogue.

           Gold Coast international ceramic art award, Australia.  Juried exhibition. Catalogue.

           Tea For Two,Benyamini Contemporary Ceramic Center, Tel Aviv, Israel. Juried exhibition. Catalogue.

           Ceramica Multiplex, Varazdin, Croatia, and Kafenberg, Austria. Juried exhibition,  Catalogue.

           Present Your Best. Maribor, Slovnia. Juried exhibition. Catalogue.

2011  Mungyeong Tea bowl festival, exhibition and workshop, Juried exhibition, Catalogue, permnent collection, S. Korea.

           Tel-Aviv Gnagjin: travel Notes, Tirosh Art Space, Old Jaffa, Israel, Group exhibition.

           Ceramic Design: Techno.Logical Implements: The Sixth Biennale for Israeli Ceramics, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv,                                                                                                                                                                                  Israel. Juried exhibition. Catalog.

           Frozen in Fire- Crystalline Wave. NCECA Florida.USA. Juried exhibition. 

2010  30th Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora , Alcora Museum, Spain. Juried exhibition. Catalog. (Permanent                                                                                                                                                                                                                         collection) 

           Gangjin International Ceramic Artists Exhibition, Gangjin Celadon Museum, S. Korea. Juried exhibition. Catalog.                                                                                                                                                                                                     (Permanent collection)

2009  29th Concurs Internacional de Ceràmica de l’Alcora , Alcora Museum, Spain. Juried exhibition. 

2008  Ceramics on the agenda,  Corin Maman Ashdod Museum, Israel. Juried exhibition, catalog.

           The First International Modern Pot Art Biennale, Art and Craft Museum,Shanghai, China.  Juried exhibition. Catalog.                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Permanent collection)

2006  Encre, Terre et Matière, Musée des Arts Anciens du Namurois, Namur.Belgium                                                                                       Homage to Hebron traditional ceramics. Jo Alon Center- Museum of Bedouin Culture: Museum Ein-Harod, Israel. Juried                                                                                                                                                                                                                 exhibition

2000   An Intended Rendezvous-Contemporary Ceramics. Vilfrid museum, kibbutz Hazorea. Museum Uri and Rami, Ashdot -                                                                                                                                                    Yaákov, Corin Maman Ashdod museum, Israel 

           Clay 2000- The Israeli Biennale for ceramics. Eretz Israel museum, Tel- Aviv, Israel. Juried exhibition. Catalog. (Permanent                                                                                                                                                                                                               collection) 


UNIVERSAL ART, China Feb.2017

Ceramic Technical, "The Rough and the Sublime" Issue 40, 2015

Ceramic Review, "Teapots" issue 258, p.68.  November 2012 

"Korean Ceramics" Israeli Ceramic Art Magazin "1280°" issue 22, 2010

Israeli Ceramic Art Magazin "1280°" issue 12. p.15 2005 

Guest editor of the Israeli Ceramic Art magazin  "1280º" issue 8. 2003


The Israeli parliament, Ceramic collection, Jerusalem

Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel

Ceramic museum of Alcora, Spain

Shanghai Art and Craft Museum, China.

International Modern Pot Art Museum, Yxing. China

Gangjin,Celadon Museum, S. Korea

Mungyeong Tea Bowl Museum, S. Korea

Cluj-Napuca Museum.Romania

Yuzhuo Center Plains Ceramic Art Museum. Henan, China

Shenhou Ceramics Museum, Henan, China

Residencies and workshops

Workshop and residency at Nives, The Caribbean islands. 2018

International Jun ware ceramic art creation camp, Shenhou, Henan, China 2015

International Congress  of Crystalline glazes. Ceramic school, La Bisbal, Catalunia,Spain 2013. 

Metchosin International school of art. Victoria, B.C. Canada.2007

Education and work experience

Archology and art history- Jerusalem Hebrew Univesity, Israel 1973

Ceramic design- Tel Hai college, israel. 1981

Teaching ceramics at  Tel Hai college ceramic department 1982-1991

Teaching ceramics at the Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art, ceramic school. 1991 up to now.

Workshops at various ceramic institutes.

Studio in Givatayim, Israel


Member of IAC- International Academy Of Ceramics

A board member of the Israeli Ceramic Association.

Member Artaxis

Member of Quartz Inversion:

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